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TCL sets new standards for TV Display Capabilities

TCL Multimedia sets new standards for TV display technologies with the launch of new products under the brand theme ‘a visual feast of color.’ TCL’s Wide Color Gamut and industry-leading Quantum Dot technologies feature new products including Quantum Dot TV H9700, Curved 4K UHD TV H8800, and 4K UHD E6800.

Quantum Dot TV H9700 is TCL’s first0ever Quantum Dot television. This is a 55-inch UHD TV with a technology that incorporated a film of tiny light-emitting crystals into regular liquid crystal displays (LCD), offering improved picture quality at a fraction of the price of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). Aside from its exquisite design, this TV is also boasts the cutting-edge 30W Harman/Kardon speakers that provide a full-bodied and immersive sound experience.

TCL’s Curved 4K UHD TV H8800 is another eye candy. It features the largest curvature ever of 400R, innovative wide color gamut technology fur curved surfaces, the leading 4K curved surface technology, and the S-level Harman/Kardon speakers. It comes in 65-inch and 55-inch variants.

Last but not the least is the 4K UHD E6800. It shares the same features and sizes as the H8800 and the only difference is the curved screen. This series features a 360-degree revolving stand, allowing viewers to move the picture to perfectly meet their eyeline, without having to move the whole TV.

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