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Globe Charge boosts top businesses in Boracay

Leading mobile point-of-sale service Globe Charge gave over 200 establishments in top tourist destination Boracay a boost in their businesses by allowing them to accept MasterCard and Visa card payments. Small and medium businesses such as hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops make up majority of the enterprises in Boracay who cater to millions of tourists from around the world each year.

With Globe Charge, establishments in the island such as Spider House, Alamo Bay Inn, and 928 Café and Grill are able to provide more payment options to visitors and tourists, resulting to growth in customer base and lift in revenues. In the same way, tourists are given an alternative payment option that is convenient, secure, and hassle-free.

Powered by G-Xchange, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, Globe Charge is designed for small and medium enterprises so they can cater to more customers, enabling them to accept MasterCard and Visa-branded credit and debit card­s.

As G-Xchange, Inc. President and CEO Xavier Marzan said, “For us, the success of Globe Charge is evident on the number of businesses we helped grow with an expansion in their customer base which ultimately translate to increase in profits. Boracay is not only a top tourist destination but a growing business hub as well, and with our presence in this island via Globe Charge, we expect to see Globe Charge boosting more businesses and giving more customers a worry-free payment option.”

An easy-to-use device, Globe Charge can be attached to any Android- or IOS-based smartphone or tablet, turning them into credit card terminals. It currently enables businesses to accept MasterCard and Visa-branded credit and debit cards. With over 800,000 business enterprises in the Philippines, Globe Charge has successfully equipped MSMEs with an affordable payment acceptance solution to tap the carded segment, expanding their sales, and ultimately growing their business.

Unlike traditional credit card terminals offered by banks, Globe Charge does not require a minimum transaction volume or monthly lease, with a very affordable retail price of only P999. It also provides faster settlements and lower rates compared to banks. It can also be bundled with postpaid lines and free mobile phones starting at P499. Globe also offers an easier application process compared to banks –just visit or download the app and register.

Globe Charge has become the leading mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution in the country with its customer base growing by 60% in 2014. It also bagged the award for Best Mobile Payment Implementation in the recently held Smart Awards Asia 2015 at the Cards & Payments Conference in Singapore, besting out 10 other finalists from across Asian markets.

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