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Teens think social media is an avenue for friendship but also too much drama

With most teens being active on social media accounts nowadays, the said platforms are viewed by the majority as an avenue for positive experiences and interactions including friendships, exposing them to different viewpoints and a more diverse world, and helping others their age support causes they care about.

In a study conducted by Pew Research Center, 81% of the 743 teens ages 13 to 17 feel that the use of social media make them feel more connected to their friends.

Meanwhile, 69% of the teens believe that these platforms help them interact with a more diverse group of people and 68% feel that they find people on social media who will support them through tough times.

While most of the teens have positive feedback towards social media, some 45% think that there is too much drama within the platforms.

43% also feel the pressure to only post content that make them look good o others while 37% feel like they should only post content that will get a lot of likes and comments.

However, 71% of the teens surveyed feel like they are more included rather than excluded through social media while 69% feel more confident than insecure.

When it comes to cutting people from their social media accounts, 44% say they often or sometimes unfriend or unfollow others with 78% citing ‘too much drama’ and 52% say they disconnect from others because of bullying either involving them or others.

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