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Tested Baking & Dessert Recipes & Videos

For those who love baking, or want to try out baking, this is a website for you. is one of the best baking sites out there. This site was created as a means to connect with other people who love to bake.

The photos are amazing, and the website is well organized: cookies, cakes, tarts, scones, ice creams, pies, candies, puddings, breakfast foods, and English tea are just some of the categories. Items that fall into more than one category appear in each relevant section. Plus, there is also a page of common cooking substitutions.

The recipe is easy to follow, even for a beginner. A lot of non-bakers seem to feel that one is trapped into a recipe, and that baking is a matter of following a recipe like you’re performing a chemical experiment, while cooking allows for leeway. However, this site teaches you that there’s a lot of latitude in baking for additions and subtractions – and that’s before you consider the possibilities involved in actually changing the recipe.

As the founder of the website quoted, “….to become a good baker all you need are good ingredients and some time and patience in the kitchen. Practice does eventually lead to excellence so I encourage you to start easy and as your confidence builds you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.”

Have Fun!

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