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The National Day of Unplugging

In our everyday lives technology plays a major role in our way of living. From mobile technology like tablets, smartphones, to internet. All of these are replacing our way of socializing with other people as if our lives now is dependent on the screen. This event challenged people to survive 24/7 without using any gadgets or technology and be able to communicate with people on the streets normally.

Too much is not good because it affects our lifestyle. Children nowadays are busy swiping their tablets instead of playing physical activities outside. Another downside of technology is that people are starting to become lazy and too dependent on it. But in the end, technology has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to be more productive.

The 6th annual National Day of unplugging was held last Friday March 6 and Saturday March 7. It was organized by the non-profit organization from New york called ‘reboot’ they are responsible for promoting Jewish traditions by organizing events and projects that encourage and targets the young generation.

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