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The ultimate ‘lakwatsero’ holiday gift guide

3. Books, books, and more books (For your bookworm best friend)

We don’t know about you, but we think that one of the best places to devour a book is at the comfort of a nice, quiet café far away from home. After all that walking around different tourist destinations, it wouldn’t hurt to switch up to some good old sci-fi or rom-com reads during breaks in your itinerary. Share some of your top book picks to your loved ones, perhaps with a few notes on the margins—but no spoilers!

4. A canvas tote bag (For your turista tita)

One of the struggles of going around one place to another is the need to bring so many things with you—your wallet, camera, selfie stick– the entire day. A light tote bag can definitely be a lifesaver since it packs all of your essentials easily. Tote bags are one of the most underrated travel essentials out there since you can also fold and carry this in your pocket in case you get the impulse to shop! Trust us, whoever you’re giving this to will thank you.

5. An HP Sprocket Instant Printer (For the ones that matter the most)

Of course, with all that traveling comes the need to take a lot of pictures—and print them! After all, the best captured moments are those that you can hold in your hand. Any adventure-loving jetsetter will surely fall head over heels for the HP Sprocket instant printer. With its lightweight and portable built that carries around Zero-ink (ZINK) paper and the user-friendly app that comes with it, you’ll definitely make their printing experience a breeze and their memories more worthwhile.
The HP Sprocket, which comes in black and white, is now available in the Philippines through Lazada and may be purchased directly at

(Photo Source : Main Photo by : on Unsplash)