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The ultimate ‘lakwatsero’ holiday gift guide

Give your travel-holic loved ones the perfect present this Christmas!

The wind is cold, the Christmas decorations are up, and all your family and friends are cooking up a big reunion for the Holidays. With traveling becoming more accessible these days, it seems like everyone is (or knows someone who is) always on some big adventure halfway across the country, or the globe! It can be your family who spends every Holidays in or out of the country, that uncle or auntie of yours who’s always on a business trip, or that cousin who starts traveling solo to tick more destinations off of his/her bucket list. So before you finish gift hunting this year, why not give them something they can use for their adventures ahead?

We’re listing our top travel essential picks to give your lakwatsero and lakwatsera loved ones this season:

1. A travel planner/journal (For your organized officemate)The first thing you’ll need is something that can help them map out every destination down to the last detail. Today’s travel planners/journals are more adaptive when it comes to listing down itineraries. Some even have pre-determined bucket lists as suggestions! All you have to do is look for the perfect planner that will suit the needs and personality of the one receiving it, and you’re good to go!

2. A pair of sunnies (For your sun-kissed sister)

Who says going to the beach is only for the summer? A lot of us are getting into the trend of going to different beach destinations whenever we get the chance, so we’re pretty sure that a lot of your friends and relatives are setting their sights on Baler or La Union this coming Christmas vacation. And everyone knows that the number one essential for any traveler, especially those who often go sunbathing in the beach or island hopping, is a nice pair of sunglasses to go with those bright-colored swimsuits!