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TikTok to pay $5.7 million FTC fine for violations of children’s privacy

Video app TikTok formerly known as will be paying $5.7 million after allegedly collecting personal information from children based on a complaint by Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

In a report published by, FTC alleges of violating he federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which requires online services and websites directed to children to obtain parental consent before acquiring personal information from children under 13.

Apart from the fine, TikTok is required to remove all videos from the app posted by children under 13 years of age and must comply with COPPA going forward.

In line with the matter, TikTok is set to launch a new app environment for children under 13 that prohibits sharing of personal information and “puts extensive limitations on content and user interaction.”
“While we’ve always seen TikTok as a place for everyone, we understand the concerns that arise around younger users. In working with the FTC and in conjunction with today’s agreement, we’ve now implemented changes to accommodate younger U.S. users in a limited, separate app experience that introduces additional safety and privacy protections designed specifically for this audience,” TikTok stated.

FTC Chairman Joe Simons meanwhile warned companies ignoring the law, saying that they take enforcement of COPPA “very seriously”.

“This record penalty should be a reminder to all online services and websites that target children: We take enforcement of COPPA very seriously, and we will not tolerate companies that flagrantly ignore the law,” said Simons.

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