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Tintri: The Only True VM-aware Storage Solution

VM-aware storage, or VAS, has been gaining traction for the past decade as the enterprise cloud solution of choice for businesses who wish to run virtualized applications. And why not? With VAS, the clutter that comes from using a system designed for physical storage workload (looking at the LUNs) can be sorted out with impressive cost and time savings. Here’s how it works:

A conventional storage cannot work in the VM level. It has to lump the virtualized applications into LUNs. Residing within these LUNs are several VMs competing for resources. The effect: A bogged down system requiring loads of manual effort to rectify and maintain. VM-aware storage scraps the LUNs altogether and works with individual VMs, connecting the file system and storage at this level. This allows management, analysis and modification at the individual VM level. Efficient in all aspects: performance, time, and costs.

Sounds interesting? Ready to upgrade to or start virtualization in your business? Now all you have to do is choose the appropriate VM-aware storage solution from the myriad of systems available in the market. Or you can choose just one. After all, there is only one true VM-aware storage solution in the market: Tintri.

Tintri is the only storage solution that does away with complex LUNs and volumes. Why? Because a system can never be fully VM-aware if it is still built on such structure. Without such convolution, Tintri is able to work at the VM level, applying every storage action onto individual virtual machines.

Need to tweak the performance of an application? VAS will allow modification of that single application, while conventional systems will modify the specific LUN containing the application without honing in on the specific VM. Whether it’s a critical application that needs sufficient resources to run at all times, or a badly behaving application that needs to dial down its processes lest it consumes resources, Tintri can work at the VM level to target that specific application instead of a shotgun approach.

Is there a problem in the system and everyone’s scratching their head as to the cause? Don’t fret because Tintri can find it for you. Precisely. Conventional storage will tend to give you an overview of what’s happening within the LUN, but not specifically the VM that is malfunctioning. With VM-level granular analytics, VAS can accurately pinpoint the exact issue causing the malfunction. This is because for each VM, you can see data about capacity, throughput, performance, and latency. You get accurate and precise information on individual VMs, not an estimation of a group of VMs.

Lastly, tired of having to manage storage manually? Tintri is able to deliver automation abilities that are unmatched. Not only can Tintri estimate, via its granular analytics, the exact storage needs for expansion without over-provision, but when it’s time to scale out, you don’t have to transfer storage manually. Tintri is able to recognize the optimal placement for every VM across the storage pool. This is just the beginning, as Tintri is able to automate more complex processes.

As your enterprise embrace the concept of virtualization, there is no other way to go but to adapt a VM-aware storage solution. And Tintri is the best option available. Since it can deliver unprecedented VM-level performance, not only does it improve workflow in the storage system itself, it also allows a company to save on precious resources like time and money. The numbers support these claims: 60% less cost per visual desktop, three times greater data reduction, zero management required. Indeed, with Tintri, you will “see storage differently”.

To learn more about its features, Wordtext Systems Inc. (WSI) is the leading distributor of Tintri and you may email or call (02) 858-5555 or check its official website,