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Tokyo scientists create ‘biohybrid’ robot made with live muscle tissue from rats

Scientists at the University of Tokyo has created a cybor-like appendage they called ‘biohybrid robot’ which is made with live muscle tissue from rats it uses to move.

According to a report from, the robot is also made with plastic and metal the scientists combined with the live rat muscle with an appearance of a ‘finger’ that could actually lift objects with a single point of movement, mimicking human fingers.

Despite being described as a ‘creepy device’, scientists consider the robot as a “groundwork” in order to create more advanced, lifelike robots.

Scientists are hoping to combine multiple muscles to create a single device in order to prodeuce an entire hand.

Project lead Shoji Takeuchi said: “If we can combine more of these muscles into a single device, we should be able to reproduce the complex muscular interplay that allows hands, arms, and other parts of the body to function.”

(Photo source: YouTube – The Robot Revolution)