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Twitch introduces karaoke game ‘Twitch Sings’

Twitch has launched its own karaoke game called ‘Twitch Sings’ co-developed by the company itself together with Rock Band and Guitar Hero studio Harmonix Music Systems.

In a report by, executive producer Joel Wade said that Twitch Sings is both a game and a streamer tool that allows people to generate content on their Twitch channel easily.

The tool directly hooks into users’ account which will let them stream straight to Twitch. Livestream viewers can be able to interact with the singer through cheering with Twitch emotes and Bits, giving ovations, and voting on the next song to be performed.

The audience can also follow and subscribe to a streamer and can interact with the singers through in-game challenges.

The game will record users’ video and/or audio performances and lets them tweak the A/V sync and audio volume before publishing it online.

The performance will be rated by how well the notes are being hit on a scale of zero to three stars which will let users earn coins and XP based on the evaluation.

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