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Twitter increases GIF size limit to 15MB

Twitter once again made a significant upgrade to their platform when they announced that they are increasing the file size limit of GIFs uploaded on Twitter from 5MB to 15MB.

The new established limit should enable users to have access to vast majority of GIFs available on the web that they want to use on Twitter.

However, this new upgrade is only available on Twitter’s web version which means that users on TweetDeck and Twitter’s mobile version are still stuck with 5-MB GIFs.

Mobile users should take caution of this file size increase, as larger GIFs could consume more mobile data. Twitter mobile users are advised to turn off their video autoplay in the Twitter app settings.

Aside from the GIF file size upgrade, Twitter has done other ways to improve their platform such as giving users the ability to retweet their own tweets and increasing the video length limit from 30 seconds to 140 seconds.

Twitter is also expected to remove images and links from the character count in the near future.

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