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Twitter launches new option to allow users to follow specific topics

For most people, Twitter is their alternative source of news. Trending topics allow everyone to see what’s trending and what’s happening around the world. Now, with a new feature being added to Twitter, keeping with the latest events is matter of clicking the “Follow” button.

In a blog post, Twitter announced that topics can now be followed. When a user searches for a topic, Twitter would display an option to follow related topics. By clicking follow, users will see the latest tweet from celebrities, politicians, and other people related to the followed topic.

Recommended topics will appear in users’ timeline and in searches as well. The more a user engages in tweets from a certain topic, the more recommendations a user will get to follow that certain topic.

“Previously, all of the work was on you to figure out the best way to keep up with what’s happening by following certain accounts, searching for it, or looking in the Explore tab for the latest. Now, you have the option of seeing the most relevant and interesting Tweets about what you care about with a single tap, and the conversation will come to you,” said the company in the blog post.

The new feature will roll out to many users over the coming months. The company didn’t mention a specific timeline, but expect to see it across Android, iOS, and web app in the future.

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