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YouTube will soon delete channels that are “not commercially viable”

YouTube is the most popular video streaming service in the world. Everyone can watch and upload videos for free provided that they also deal with ads. However, a new change in YouTube’s Terms of Service might change that.

By December 10, Google will implement a revised Terms of Service (ToS) for YouTube. Under the “Termination by YouTube for Service Changes”, YouTube stated that it can terminate an account and its channel if the company deems it as “no longer commercially viable”. The company didn’t clarify what it mean by that, but one can speculate that a channel can be terminated if it becomes inactive for a while.

Many YouTube users and content creators have taken to the social media to vent out their frustration and anger towards Google. Most of them have also questioned the wording of the revised ToS, which they see as vague. However, since YouTube is a company that needs to make money, Google’s action is somewhat justifiable from a business standpoint.

The new ToS comes at a time when YouTube is more popular than ever. Most people have come to YouTube to make money with videos. With this change, the company will surely cripple and limit content creators who had been struggling out of their YouTube channel.

(Photo source: / – @helloimnik)