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Twitter opens verified accounts process to all users

Twitter  announced that they are opening an online application process for regular Twitter accounts to receive the blue badge icon.

Vice President of Twitter’s User Services Tina Bhatnagar wrote in a blog post that their main goal for the update is to help more people to find great, high-quality accounts to follow. Bhatnagar added that this move is also for creators and influencers to easily connect with a wider audience, no matter where they are located.

The coveted badge was previously only available to high-profile accounts belonging to celebrities, journalists, politicians, sports and business personalities, and companies as it was used to determine accounts with public interest.

There are still some requirements for regular users if they want to apply for the blue badge. For instance, users need a verified phone number, a confirmed email address, a website, and other important things in their accounts to complete the online form.

Currently, about 189,000 Twitter accounts are verified out of its 310 million monthly users.

(Photo Source: Twitter)