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Oracle releases patches for Java and other important products

Oracle recently issued a huge number of patches aimed to fix 276 flaws on more than 80 products including the Java software platform.

According to Waratek CTO John Matthew Holt, the Java patches which address 13 new vulnerabilities should be the top priority for customers. It is reasonable to prioritize these patches because a lot of applications used Java and it is also installed on several systems.

Holt added that the patches for the HotSpot Java virtual machine for servers and desktops should require urgent attention because it has a high-risk vulnerability.

Another product that received fixes is the Oracle Database Server, which has nine vulnerabilities, with one of them being in the high-risk category. Oracle MySQL database also received patches for 22 security flaws, with four of them having a high-risk rating.

Databases often has a company’s most important data.

Other notable products that received patches are the Oracle Sun Systems Products, Oracle Communications, Oracle Supply Chain, Oracle Banking Platform, Oracle Financial Services Applications, Oracle Insurance Applications, Health Sciences, Oracle Utilities Applications, and the Oracle products for the retail sectors.

Oracle said that users should install patches immediately to avoid exploitation from attackers.

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