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Unisys integrates Unisys Stealth with Dell EMC Cyber Recovery software

Global IT company Unisys has integrated its award-winning software security system Unisys Stealth with Dell EMC Cyber Recovery software for improved cyber resilience and business continuity. This will allow quicker and more secured cyber recovery operations for businesses and other demanding environments.

A number of cyber disruptions concerned many locals in the year 2018. Some of which have even resulted into weeks of halted operations and online transactions for millions of Filipinos while their preferred financial service providers, online shopping or delivery service platform work on recovery.

Despite threats being frequent concerns for Philippine organizations and businesses, there still seems to be a lag in the ability to recover from cyberattacks such as malware and phishing. Consumers tend to be uneasy thinking about their personal information being compromised or stolen from a platform or service provider.

Businesses run the risk of losing the consumers of today who are more accustomed to the speed and convenience that technology allows. The inability to respond and recover from cyberattacks are obviously a let down for those who have entrusted their personal information to their preferred organizations. In order to adapt, organizations now need to look beyond precautionary measures and defenses, and strengthen how it works on resuming business after attacks.

Such is the issue that Unisys aims to pose a solution with the integration of Unisys Stealth® with Dell EMC Cyber Recovery software. Unisys Stealth reduces attack surfaces through encryption and its Dynamic Isolation capabilities that quickly isolate devices or users at the first sign of compromise.

On the other hand, Dell EMC Cyber Recovery software allows businesses to resume operations quickly following cyberattacks by managing and automating recovery of business-critical backup data. The synergy of its capabilities provides extra security against the targeting of data protection and backup infrastructure.

“Many organizations may not realize that their backup capabilities are not designed to withstand and recover from cyber attacks, and these vulnerabilities can have highly damaging and costly results,” said Eric Hutto, Senior Vice President and President for Enterprise Solutions, Unisys. “With Stealth and Dell EMC Cyber Recovery, organizations can be confident in their ability to restore business operations after a cyber attack. And by deploying Stealth Dynamic Isolation, organizations can greatly reduce the probability and scope of such attacks in the first place.”

Unisys is a Dell EMC Titanium partner and one of Dell EMC’s longest-standing partners. Through this collaboration, Unisys and Dell EMC deliver secure solutions to demanding environments including government, banking, airline reservations and cargo handling, addressing high-transaction environments supporting police, port, defense agencies and commercial enterprises worldwide.

Find out more about the integration of Unisys Stealth® Security with Dell EMC Cyber Recovery software through Unisys’ official announcement.

(Photo source: Twitter – @unisyscorp)