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What is PUBG? Why is it so popular?

Those “last man standing” games have been all over the gaming scene but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds popularly known as PUBG (pub-gee) is making its way on top of popular video games without any efforts.

The game starts with 100 players landing on an island that gradually shrinks, pulling players closer to each other and that’s when the survival game begins. The last player alive wins.

Though the game seems usual, players have gotten hooked in the game because aside from getting to play with friends and being accessible online, it is also a battle of strategy and tactics, not to mention its visually appealing reality-based graphics.

No doubt, there is also something thrilling about RPGs and of course, winning and defeating all 99 players.

Aside from the excitement of staying alive, the game is also a test of luck as the weapons come in random.

Though the game itself have so much flaws such as occasional bugs and crashes, players do not seem to care as what all of them are after is, victory.

Watch some of PUBG awesome plays here:

(Photo source: YouTube – Protatomonster)