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Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends on July 29

For those who are still using Windows 7 or Windows 8 on their PCs, you only have a few days left to download the free version of Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10.

After 11:59 p.m. on July 29 the free upgrade for Windows 10 will no longer be available, which means that interested customers would have to buy it outright for $120 or buy a new computer with Windows 10 license.

There are really many reasons for users to upgrade to Windows 10 as it provides a lot of improvements in performance over its predecessors, as well as having the latest technologies and a fresh new interface. It offers revamped performance in general across most hardware, giving updated systems a significant boost in start-up time and general operation.

Windows 10 is also expected to be the main focus of Microsoft updates since it is the company’s latest masterpiece. In fact, the Windows 10 Anniversary update which is dubbed as the biggest Windows 10 update, is set to release on August 2.

If a user downloads a free version of Windows 10 but he doesn’t like it, he could easily switch back to his previous version of Windows by going to Settings or reinstalling an older version through the original installation media.

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