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World Class Filipinos for a World Class Philippine Technology Brand

Redfox Technologies, a Filipino IT company with global presence has chosen its first brand ambassadors. For the past 20 years, REDFOX sticks with their corporate image as technology company which “redefines innovation” and didn’t’ consider to have an endorser. But, with its growing presence in the global world, REDFOX decided to choose brand ambassadors who will embody their image as a world class Filipino technology brand. It is when the names Martin Steuble and Luis Gabriel Moreno crossed the mind of the team behind REDFOX.

Martin is a Swiss-Filipino football player who plays for Philippine National Football Team Azkals as their Midfielder. He is the FIRST Filipino to debut in the US Major Soccer League. Martin didn’t forget the roots of his mother who is from Bacolod and continue to give an unswerving commitment to the Philippine team. On the other hand, Gabriel Moreno is the FIRST Filipino Olympic Gold Medalist in Archery and won the Philippines’ first gold medal in Nanjing Youth Olympics 2014. No doubt, REDFOX strongly supports world class Filipinos to represent their world class brand.

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