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WSI introduces innovative solutions for business

Get ready for an exciting year ahead in the IT world.

Wordtext Systems, Inc (WSI), the oldest pure IT distributor in the country held their press conference last March 1, 2018 entitled “Technology That Innovates Our Lives”, showcased products that impacted industries, not just in the recent past, but likewise the future. In the press conference, IT updates were shared on four main categories or solutions: print, cloud and mobility, data and security, and design.

First off, print solutions showed how printing has taken a different world nowadays, with HP PageWide XL changing the landscape of large-format printing and Stratasys impacting the medical world with 3D anatomical reconstruction. And while quality is of utmost importance in printing, cost-savings is just as important. HP solves this with its Ink Tank Series.

Next, wireless communication is the way to go. Update business projects and assign tasks without the need for email or telephones, just use Microsoft Kaizala. Attend a seminar or conference online as if you were there, thanks to Logitech’s wide array of video conference cameras. And why fall in line in the stores, when you can just access Microsoft ESD and order your dependable MS products with just a click (or two) of the mouse. It can even be delivered right there and then. Don’t be encumbered, be empowered.