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Xian Lim gets his old van revamped

Actor Xian Lim has been one of the celebrities who decided to have their vehicles customized by Atoy Llave and his team from Atoy Customs.

In a video posted on Facebook, Xian expressed her excitement as he entered his newly customized Toyota Super Grandia featuring convertible seats such as a couch that transforms into a bed, a rotating chair, and a detachable table.

Apart from the convertible seats, Xian’s revamped vehicle aalso features different lighting options, a USB port for his gadgets, and a television.

Atoy Customs wrote in the video’s caption: “Want to be entertained? Unveiling of Xian Lim ManilaProofed Van 😉😊 2010 Toyota Super Grandia ManilaProofed Photos 😉👌🏽 Excited lang Xian don’t judge his reactions ok mga friends? 😉😊👌🏽 kahit luma kayang kayang ayusin diba @xianlimm?👌🏽🤩 Made In AtoyCustoms!Now you can enjoy your van more with our ManilaProofed setup. 😉😊 for more details pls call 4141068 4115858 9am-6pm Mon-Sat only. Be Traffic Comfy. 👌🏽 #atoy #atoycustoms4x4andbodykits #atoycustoms #madeinatoycustoms”

Watch Xian’s reaction upon seeing his customized van here:

(Photo source: Instagram – @atoycustoms/ Facebook – @atoycustoms)