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Youtube announces revamped verification policy

YouTube just announced several changes that will be implemented in order for users to have their channels verified which may appreny affevt some channels who already earned their verification badge.

In YouTube’s blog post, the video streaming site released the new verification program which consists of two parts about its new look and the new eligibility requirements.

From the usual check mark next to users’ channel name, the new verified accounts will have a gray highlight throughout their name in order to reduce confusion as YouTube mentioned how the heckmark is often associated with endordement instead of identity .

YouTube stated: “Currently, verified channels have a checkmark next to their channel name. Through our research, we found that viewers often associated the checkmark with an endorsement of content, not identity. To reduce confusion about what being verified means, we’re introducing a new look that helps distinguish the official channel of the creator, celebrity or brand it represents. “

“As YouTube has expanded features where viewers interact with channels, including community posts, live chats and comments, the checkmark has been displayed inconsistently. The new look will be displayed more consistently across channel pages, search and comments, and is more difficult to replicate, so that viewers can be sure of a channel’s identity. This new look will also replace the existing music note on Official Artist Channels on YouTube, ” it added.

While channels with more than 100,000 subscribers can be verified regardless of need for proof of authenticity, the new eligibility requirements now has new criteria and will focus on authenticity and prominence.

“Our new criteria prioritizes verifying prominent channels that have a clear need for proof of authenticity. We look at a number of factors to determine if a channel meets this criteria,” said YouTube.

YouTube’s new criteria will apply for all channels. Channels that meet the new requirements no longer need to apply and will be automatically be verified.

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