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YouTube rolls out new music streaming services through YouTube Music app and desktop player

After rumors about YouTube’s new music streaming services started circulating, the video streaming company finally launched its newest music platform called YouTube Music that comes with an app and desktop player

As reported by, YoTube described the platform as a reimagined app for mobile phones and a desktop player especially designed for music.

YouTube Music reportedly features thousands of playlists, song covers, remixes, live versions, artist radios, albums, and “all the music videos people expect from YouTube.”

The platform will also work with Google Assistant in offering personalized listening recommendations to users considering the time of day, location, and listening patterns.

The app is also reportedly “smart” enough as it recommends music selection based on multiple situations such as studying, working out, or commuting and can also search for song lyrics and tracks with vague descriptions such as “that hipster song with the whistling.”

YouTube music, just like its rival Spotify, will come in ad-supported free tier and a premium type for $9.99 per month with ad-free and offline download feature. Google Play Music subscribers will automatically have the premium version of the platform.

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