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YouTube to launch Copyright Match tool that alerts creators of unauthorized re-uploads

To prevent unauthorized re-upload of video content, YouTube is set to launch a new tool called Copyright Match that aims to help creators keep track and protect their original content.

As reported by, YouTube announced the new system that will automatically scan YouTube videos and alert the original creators if their content has been re-uploaded without permission.

Videos uploaded by creators will set the original content as its standard. Re-uploads of the same video at later dates will then be considered as invalid and will be sent to the original creator for review.

The creators will have three options once alerted: do nothing, contact the channel that re-uploaded the video, or ask YouTube to remove the video.

While Copyright Match seems similar with YouTube’s older Content ID system , the former is designed specifically for full content re-uploads.

YouTube is placing responsibility on the creators to make requests only when the creator’s copyright has been infringed. Requests will then be reviewed to prevent misuse of the tool and to ensure compliance with YouTube’s copyright policies.

The feature has already been tested with select group of creators and will later be rolled out to creators with more than 100k subscribers. All creators will soon gain access to the tool if it remains successful through the YouTube Partner Program.

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