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Alternative and complementary medicine therapies are becoming more popular with the public. And just as importantly, they are becoming more accepted by medical practitioners, as well. In fact, 70-90% of medical doctors consider many types of alternative medicine to be legitimate medical practices.

There are many intriguing alternative medicine websites you can enjoy, one of which is

This is a very attractive and easy to browse website, full of great feature stories on how to integrate alternative therapies into your busy lifestyle.

On the bottom of the home page, for example, you see several features that change every week. One tells you about the best natural products to give your hair natural shine, bounce and a deep cleanse. One idea is to use honey and avacado, another is to use a mixture of raw eggs and lemon juice on your hair after your regular shampoo.

There are several main topics at the top of the site, including Food, Health, Beauty, Balance and Practitioners. Each section has short, easy to read, information packed feature articles. Some popular includes: “Superfoods: An Internal Sun Defense System”, “The Well Stocked Kitchen”, “Gluten-Free Done Easy”.

There is also a “Features” section in the site, which generally cover specific conditions (cancer, pain, anxiety, autism), investigative topics, action plans (10 steps to a healthy back, 9 ways to ease insomnia), and the natural lifestyle (stick to New Year’s resolutions, detox the right way, green your home).

All in all, natural solutions reflects the readers’ commitment to healthy, natural living. In every issue, the site highlight health information pertaining to all aspects of our lives—food, beauty, family, pets, home, and beyond. It is a very good guide and inspiration to make conscious choices about our health, our family’s health, our community, and our world.

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