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22-year-old man arrested after uploading bootleg copy of ‘Deadpool’ on fake Facebook account

Many copyrighted materials such as photos and videos which have been circulating Facebook have not received enough attention from the authorities but a 22-year-old man did not have the chance to get away from imprisonment after uploading a bootleg copy of the 2016 film ‘Deadpool’ on Facebook.

As reported by, Trevon Franklin from Fresno, Califonia uploaded the movie’s copy in a fake Facebook account between February 20-22, 2016 while the film was still being screened in theaters.

The video reportedly went viral and gained 6,386,456 before being removed from Facebook.

According to reports, Franklin downloaded the copy of the “most pirated film of 2016” from Putlocker and posted it on a fake Facebook account under the name Tre-Von M. King.

The FBI traced the uploader of the video and led them to Franklin who was eventually arrested and is now facing up to one year imprisonment and a fine worth $100,000 after signing a plea bargain.

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