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A bionic suit that makes a person experience aging


A full body simulator called the Genworth R70i lets a person experience what it’s like to lose sight, hearing and range of motion as the effects of aging come in.

As a part of an exhibit of Genworth’s Aging Experience, the bionic suit was made to share the augmented reality to help the people think about the gist of an aging population not only that but also has a future vision of how it feels to be old. The exhibit used a state-of-the-art technology to help people step into their future selves and directly experience the physical effects associated with aging.

Bran Ferren of Applied Mind has created this bionic suit that could resonate some of the disabilities of an elderly, such as mascular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and floaters wherein it can also increase the tension in the joints individually or simultaneously making its exoskeleton give the feeling of being in a 75-year-old body.

The wearer will experience sensorineural hearing loss and aphasia or the delay version of your voice just like how the aging group perceives things. The experience reinforces the importance of thinking about future long-term care needs and talk to loved ones about how they would want to age.