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A smart mattress that alerts you when your lover is cheating


No one could ever use your bed and cheat on you again. That’s what the new smart mattress promised its consumers.

A Spanish company called Durmet unveiled this product assuring their customers could sleep at night comfortably knowing that when they wake up and proceed to their day, no one will cheat on them. It costs about $1,750 to pay for one’s peace of mind.

Durmet dubbed this innovative mattress as “smarttress” and it has a built-in “Lover-detection System”. It is set to be compatible with smartphones to send alerts whenever someone is using your bed in a questionable way. It has 24 sensors to detect whenever a mattress starts bouncing and alert the mobile device user.


This mattress is still under production for further enhancements to hit the best accuracy. Although people could buy nanny cameras or this smart mattress, no smart cheater would still conduct their secret illegal rendezvous and activities at home.

(Photo Source: screengrab from official video)