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Adobe unveils Project Aero that helps developers create AR content for Apple’s ARKit

Adobe is stepping up its game to augmented reality as it unveiled its new project that will help developers create simple AR scenes and experiences for Apple’s ARKit.

In a report by, Adobe is adding ‘usdz’ support to Adobe Creative Cloud apps and services with the company’s collaboration with Apple and Pixar.

The usdz support is a zero compression file format and unencrypted zip archive used for AR/VR objects and other 3D content.

According to CTO Abhay Parasnis, users will be able to build AR content using Photoshop CC and Dimension CC and convert it into usdz that can be natively consumed in the Apple ecosystem.

Parasnis said: “This is just the beginning of our journey to extend digital experiences beyond the screen and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead.”

Adobe, together with 15 artists conducted a three-day immersive art exhibition in San Francisco for The FEstival of the Impossible and showed how Project Aero works.

(Photo source: YouTube – Adobe)