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Survey reveals most employees working in tech companies experience job burnout

Being stressed in work is normal for employees especially those with massive workload and employees who spend long hours at work but a survey conducted by Blind, a message board app, showed that most employees working in tech companies experience job burnout.

According to a report by, Blind surveyed more than 11,000 employees working at 30 of the biggest tech companies and found out that 57.16% of the surveyed employees experience work burnout.

Blind asked the employees with the question, “Are you currently suffering from job burnout?” which is only answerable by “Yes” or “No” and ended up with the result of more than half, answering the former.

Though the participants’ opinions regarding their work and their companies are not included in the results, the employees provided details about their culture in their workplace.

The top companies that made it to the list are video game streaming website Twitch with 68.75% of employees experiencing burnout, Nvidia with 65.38%, Expedia with 65.00%, Yahoo’s parent company Oath with 63.93%, and Oracle with 63.25%.

Companies such as Uber, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, and Netflix are the only 5 companies that have less that 50% burnout rate among the 30 that participated in the survey.

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