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New report contradicts claims that having sex with robots is healthy

Contrary to previous claims that sex robots are the “perfect companion” as it has benefits for the health, a new report found no evidence that having sex with robots is healthy.

According to an article by the, doctor Chantal Cox-George at St. George’s University Hospitals in Britain, and obstetrician Susan Bewley at King’s College London published a report, saying that no evidence was found about sex robots, having health benefits as primary research data on sexbots do not exist.

Cox-George then advised medical practitioners to refrain from using sexbots unless intended for medical research.

He said: “We advise that sexbots shouldn’t be used in medical practice, at least not unless that forms part of robust and ethical research.”

The report in the journal BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health says that sexbots are used by due to claims that it has therapeutic purposes and can be a potential treatment for sex offenders.

Despite such claims, researchers found lacking empirical data for support and called to “reject the clinical use of sexbots” until more research and tests are done.

Harmony sex robot creator Matt McMullen previously said in an interview that creating the sexbots is “all about giving those people some level of companionship — or the illusion of companionship.”

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