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Adobe updates Flash Player for more secure browsing


Adobe has released an emergency patch design to cover up critical exposure in its Flash Player that’s being actively oppressed.

This Vulnerable exposure would let cyber criminals or attackers take control of the unpatched system. One of the vulnerabilities has been identified that is used as Magnitude Exploit Kit to spread the Locky ransomware. These loopholes can affect Linus, Macintosh, Chrome OS and Windows.

The looped system that was found to have a Locky Ransomware was designed to look for and encrypt selected personal files such as documents, images, music, videos, and databases. The most alarming part of this vulnerability is that once the files are encrypted, the victim is given the option to visit a Tor site and pay a ransom to potentially regain access to their files.

Users who use browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge have nothing to fear since it will automatically update their Flash Player plug-in to the latest version making it protected, however, other browsers can be updated only through manual execution.