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Apple to launch ‘Walkie Talkie’ app for Apple Watch that will let you talk to friends instantly

Apple is set to launch a new app for their Apple Watch as the company is set to introduce ‘Walkie Talkie’ that will let users talk to their friends instantly.

According to, the app that will allow users to talk to their friends just like how a real walkie talkie works will come together with Apple Watch’s new software update watchOS 5.

The app can be used by holding a “Talk” button while speaking into the Watch’s microphone. The user’s voice will instantly be transmitted to their conversation partner no matter where they are located in the world.

A communication request will be sent upon choosing one’s conversation partner who will have the choice to confirm or deny from their own watch.

Just like that of a walkie talkie, a brief beep will be heard and a slight haptic buzz will be felt before hearing their conversation partner’s voice.

Aside from the ‘Walkie Talkie’ app, Apple is also set to develop users’ communication with Siri by just raising the watch to their face and speak their request instead of saying “Hey, Siri”.

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