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Facebook plans to introduce dating feature that will match users based on mutual interests

Facebook is planning to enter the dating scene as the social networking company announced that they are set to introduce Facebook Dating which will help users find their match based on their mutual interests.

As reported by, Facebook’s dating feature will let users create their profile using only their first name.

Users who do not opt to use the feature will not be able to see dating profiles, meaning those who use the feature will not have to worry about their friends, discovering their dating account.

Information associated in the dating feature will also not appear in the user’s Facebook news feed.

The most appealing component of Facebook Dating is its ability to match users through their mutual interests such as pages, groups and likes compared to its rival dating app Tinder which filters age, gender, and location on potential matches.

Users will also able to unlock events and groups to see others who have also unlocked the same event or group.

Though it is still not clear how the feature will indicate mutual interests in profiles, Facebook Dating still offers starting a conversation among users that is separate from Messenger and WhatsApp.

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