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Asus reveals new PC featuring futuristic dual screen with AI smarts

Asus just unveiled its most advanced-looking PC called Project Precog which features a dual screen resembling an advanced Lenovo Yoga Book but is packed with a whole lot of AI smarts.

AS reported by, the Precog, which will most likely be arriving a bit later, works in four modes namely standard laptop mode, book mode, tent mode and flat mode.

The second display screen can be used as a keyboard like that of Yoga Book. When connected with an external keyboard, both screens can be used together and will be displayed in portrait mode.

The PC can also be placed flat on its back for playing games across both screens.

The AI functions include its automatic keyboard adjustment depending on the location of users’ fingertips and its stylus mode whenever it detects a stylus touching the lower screen.

Asus is reportedly planning to release Precog next year.

(Photo source: YouTube – ExpovistaTV)