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Canon launches PowerShot N2: The New N

Whether you’re in that favorite laid-back get-up or that dolled up ensemble, that outfit of the day [or OOTD] deserves an equally pretty camera, not just to capture it, but also to match it.

Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. launches the new in, the Canon PowerShot N2 [The New N]—the perfect camera to suit that stylish lifestyle of yours. The camera comes in three different colors all designed to match your personality and preference. For people looking for a sleeker and elegant feel, the camera is available in black. But for those who are feeling lighter and looking for a more fun touch, the N2 also comes in pink and white.

PowerShot N2 Black

This camera is a good match if you’re planning to take that eye-catching selfie. The PowerShot N2 allows you to rotate its screen up to 180 degrees, letting you easily see which angle shows your best side. Once you’re set, the operation mode will allow the camera to launch its self-portrait mode automatically. There is also a Smooth Skin feature at y our disposal in the camera’s editing options, which you can adjust with the given parameters. You can also stand out more in that selfie because the N2 camera provides a background defocus feature, making sure that all eyes are on you.

PowerShot N2 Pink

Keeping you looking best is not the only thing this camera is capable of. Stretch out your creativity as it provides an all-round shutter release, giving you the freedom to shoot from any angle you want. So you can start looking for unique angles on different subjects and shoot away! As for filters and such, the creative shot feature automatically provides you five different photos from that one shot you took—five different shots – all with a fresh filter, settings, and composition.

PowerShot N2 white

Now that shot is just too good to wait another second to be shared to your friends on your different social media accounts. That is why the PowerShot N2 lets you immediately share your photos without the hassle.

The PowerShot N2 has Wi-Fi capability that allows you to send images and videos to smart devices or upload onto social media platforms. With this camera, you can also work with Canon iMage Gateway and the Canon CameraWindow app – all designed to make shooting with Canon cameras a better experience. The Canon iMage Gateway lets you transfer photos and videos directly from your camera to your different social media platforms, like Facebook and Flickr. On the other hand, Canon CameraWindow lets you do remote shooting and instantly transfer photos with the PowerShot N2 to your smartphone. To speed up the process, the Near Field Communication (NFC) is readily available to provide a faster and easier connection when you make that file transfer to your NFC-enabled smart devices. So kiss the long wait goodbye and start sharing!

Truly, the PowerShot N2 has the wow factor, a camera designed to suit all your trendy needs.

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