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The art and craftsmanship of a classic car brings to mind the bygone days of working with your hands: the radio is tuned to your favorite station and you stop for a break, cooling off with a tall glass of tea in the shade of your front porch. Perhaps a neighbor stops by to admire your handiwork and pass the time.

As you gaze upon the wide chrome bumpers, the flawless paint job, and the dice in the mirror, you feel grateful that other vintage vehicle enthusiasts took the time to create these helpful sites. How else would you have known where to find a replacement exhaust system and had the courage to rebuild it yourself? One site that can help you with information on restoring your car is

Classic Motorsports is the quintessential magazine for shade-tree mechanics and car enthusiasts alike. Even if you aren’t a subscriber, you can access articles, participate in reader forums, and find auto clubs and shows in your area.

The vehicles profiled both in print and online are accompanied by short articles that address the various problems the staff of mechanics has run across during the restoration process and how they solved them. You can search the site for the exact make and model of your car and you’ll generally be rewarded with a whole slew of articles that detail everything from cosmetic to down and dirty reconstruction.

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