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Dungeon Twister

First off, if you don’t like strategic games, I would advise you to stop reading. But if you do, and you appreciate and enjoy a game that makes you think, then continue on, because Dungeon Twister is exactly that kind of game.

Board and card games are usually seen as apps and on the tablets and smartphones, but at some point, they find their way to a console. In DT (Dungeon Twister) you form a party of four heroes from a list of eight, and wage turn-based battle against your opponent’s squad in a dungeon filled with traps, obstacles and special items with various effects.

Dungeon Twister has lots of rules. There are rules about action point(AP) cards, for your turns, and that most of Dungeon Twister’s gameplay mechanics boil down the same way. So basically, you set the board up for play, then reveal hidden rooms in a dungeon, sometimes you even need to grab, move or use items for the process.

It’s a downloadable game for anyone to try out, and it’s most probably the best thing to do if you really want to experience and know the game better. Happy gaming!

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