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Claudine Barretto gives daughter Sabina this P300K luxury Rolex watch on her birthday

Actress Claudine Barretto knows how to give her children the best birthday gift as she passed on her luxury Rolex watch to her daughter Sabina who just celebrated her 14th birthday.

In her Instagram post, Claudine shared a photo of Sabina wearing a Rolex Datejust watch which she gave her as a birthday and moving up gift.

She wrote: “Since you’ve been a very Good Girl im passing this watch to u na.i was 13 when i got to buy my 1st Rolex & this was my forth which ofcourse will go to my Sabina.this is both my Moving to upper school & birthday gift to u Anak.take good care of it as i did so u can pass it on to your daughter some day.i luv u so much Sabbie!😘❤️🙏🎉🎉 #bestdaughterintheworld @sabina_barretto_14”