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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The counter-strike series haven’t really changed much since it first came out in 1999. And the game sticks to its core elements even in its newest update, Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Long time CS players fans will both rejoice and be disappointed with the fact that the gameplay and mechanics are still the same. While it’s great to know that not a lot has changed and familiarity is comfortable, there’s also a lack of fresh innovation. There are only a few new weapons. Plus, out of the sixteen maps, 8 are recycled from previous versions in the series, such as Dust, Dust 2, Office, Italy, Aztec and etc.

But then, there are a few new updates. Firstly, the visuals have gotten an upgrade, giving you updated visuals of maps, characters, and weapons. There are also two new gameplay modes — Arms Race and Domination. In Arms Race you have unlimited lives and you receive a new weapon after every kill.

Domination, on the other hand, is when the terrorists plant a bomb at the bomb site, or either side can eliminate all opposing players to win the match. You only have one life, so you better be careful and have a strategy else be prepared to watch your mates in the spectator screen.

CS: GO is great for old timers and newbies alike, but then on a sidenote, it provides little reason for fans to upgrade.

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