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Emoticons for introverts are now available


A new set of emojis or emoticons was introduced specially made for the introverts.

The new way of helping introverts reach out through emoticons was dubbed as ‘Introji” created by Rebecca Evie Lynch, who was inspired by her personal experiences as a person of recharge in the comfort of solitude. From her experiences, she came up with the best help to make introverts express their thoughts in a communicable process.


Introji has certain sentiments when words just can’t make it. In this application, 30 emojis are available to express one’s feeling. It can convey messages or emotions such as when the user is leaving a party or when he/she needs more time moreover when a user is just at home reading. There’s no direct indication, but the series currently has certain icons with red or yellow backgrounds to indicate that the user doesn’t want company at the moment while the icons with blue and green backgrounds express that company is welcome.

introji 2

As far as designs are concerned Introji is continuing to design and come up with more though collaborative feedback to be shared on the community Facebook page. Lyn told the Fast Company that even when the set of introvert emojis is just in its prototype phase, she is hoping for the expansion of the series for it to be free for all.