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Facebook is testing a feature that lets users snooze keywords for a month

After some users have discovered Facebook’s new feature that lets users snooze specific keywords for a month, the social networking company confirmed the said information on Tuesday, June 26.

According to a report by, Chris Messina first spotted the “snooze keywords for 30 days” within the Facebook app’s code.

Though account and group snoozing has already been available, keyword snoozing which works similarly will let users avoid seeing unwanted posts by clicking the drop-down menu for a post containing the keyword the user wants to mute and select “snooze keywords in this post.”

But despite the intention of keeping users from seeing unwanted posts through the keyword snoozing, users still have to look for a Facebook entry containing such keywords in order to snooze.

Given this, Facebook is currently working on ways in order for users to enter keywords themselves without the need to search for content.

The feature is currently under testing and is only currently available to some users.

(Photo source: Twitter – chrismessina)