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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Following the story of Lighting, this sequel to the series is what everyone’s been waiting for. FFXIII-2 now returns and continues the epic story it left off.

The lead character, Serah, is Lighting’s sister. She doesn’t have the great strength of Lightning, but at least she’s not as annoying as FFXIII’s Vanille. She’s very girly though and Noel, accompanies her all throughout.

In FFXIII-2, Serah teaches in a school in the village of Pulse, after a few years of the conclusion of the previous game. Serah’s goal is to find Lightning, who is assumed to be gone for good, along with Fang and Vanille, but is very much alive, fighting a villain named Caius.

Don’t worry, you’ll be reuniting with the beloved characters from the previous game. Hope is all grown up, looking stronger. Snow is still as stubborn as always, and the story is still as heartwarming as the usual Final Fantasy games.

There are new things added to the game. Now, citizens may offer you tasks. You can go time hopping almost anytime. Maps are now wider, not just a linear path. You can now direct the dialogues in certain cutscenes. One of the coolest addition is the Monsters. Players can now collect monsters, level them up, and equip them for battle. Along with these differences are the similarities. The concept of combat roles and Paradigms (a combination of roles) are still the same.

As much as there are a lot of dragging parts, FFXIII-2 is still as engrossing as the previous version, and is highly recommended to every Final Fantasy fan.

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