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Globe Business accelerates enterprise agility through enhanced solutions

Globe Business recognizes that it operates in a realm where speed is a valued element. The time spent by a company in planning, decision-making and executing spells the difference between leading its industry or remaining a market follower.

Speed also translates to time spent well in the agility to execute tasks, competing in importance as with any financial resource – as it is said, “there is always a way to make more money, but there is no other way to make more time.” Moreover, most successful businesses are the ones that get to market quickly and then out-perform the competition.

Understanding speed as integral in establishing a real competitive advantage, Globe Business, the enterprise ICT arm of Globe Telecom, has in its technological arsenal a complete portfolio of solutions for companies to get ahead with the fast-changing market landscape.

Nikko Acosta, Globe Senior Vice President for Enterprise Group, pointed out that “as enterprises turn digital, reliable network connections become imperative for business growth. High speed connectivity powers effective communications, providing easy access to information and enabling fast execution of critical business functions. In terms of connectivity using best-in-class ICT capabilities, Globe Business powers the country’s leading companies with their need for speed to move ahead in their industries.”

The connectivity solutions of Globe Business cover data, Internet and managed connectivity capabilities. They deliver high-speed data spanning across the world, assuring enterprises of reliability and traffic fluidity through its cable diversity. This enables cost-effective and resilient connectivity to other countries and other international submarine cable systems. It is also the first Carrier Ethernet network in the Philippines and in Asia to be Metro Ethernet Forum CE2.0 compliant, enabling enterprises to expand domestic coverage while supporting the simplest to the most complicated business applications.

Globe has connections to five international cable systems: TGN-IA (Tata Global Network–Intra-Asia), C2C (City to City), APCN2 (Asia-Pacific Cable Network), EAC (East Asia Cable) and the SJC (Southeast Asia-Japan Cable), which is now fully operational with available data traffic, streaming an initial design capacity of 28 terabits per second. These cable connections deliver unmatched international capacity, enhanced resilient connectivity and deterministic latency to enterprises.

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