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Globe fires up 130 sites using the 2600 MHz spectrum in Visayas, Mindanao


Globe Telecom continue to charge ahead and utilized company’s additional allocation in the 2600 MHz spectrum for 130 sites in Visayas and Mindanao, providing customers in those regions with additional network capacities to support growing demand for bandwidth.

The company’s additional allocation in the 2600 MHz band forms part of the resources that Globe recently acquired following a joint purchase of San Miguel Corp.’s telecommunication assets.

Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Program Governance, Network Technical Group, said the company is planning to use the 2600 MHz band in more sites in line with efforts to immediately put to use frequencies that were previously underutilized to improve the broadband data experience of its customers.

The 2600MHz spectrum is well placed for increasing network capacities using the state-of-the art LTE technology. While lower frequencies such as the 700MHz band provide better signal penetration and offering stronger indoor coverage, the higher frequencies, such as the 2600MHz band, provide additional capacity for broadband data, Agustin said.

“This is particularly beneficial for our customers especially since they now demand more bandwidth capacities in light of their growing inclination for multi-media content. In fact, to fully realize the benefits of the 2600 MHz frequency, the 130 sites where we deployed the additional spectrum is just an initial rollout and we plan to fire up a substantial number of our sites in this band,” he said.

According to Agustin, Globe will also continue to rollout the Carrier Aggregation technology by using the company’s spectrum allocations. An important component of the LTE-Advanced, the Carrier Aggregation technology will provide higher peak data rates and better broadband data experience, he said. Globe acquired half of San Miguel’s assets in an effort to harmonize spectrum assets and unlock the benefits of underutilized frequencies previously held by San Miguel.