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Gmail will now warn a user if one is targeted by the government


Google has elevated its security in a much better way. Users can now feel safer since the company has increased its security warnings on Gmail to protect people as they send and receive emails.

The new security acquires “safe browsing” notifications, which would tell a user when they’re about to open a suspecting link from a certain email. Before the link completely opens the Gmail itself will be giving users a final option to back out instead of connecting and visiting the page.


In the hopes of stopping users from visiting suspicious websites, Google adds an additional warning and lets the users choose to retreat or not. However, If a user chooses not to step back, or didn’t see the warning, no block option would appear.


As for the new update for Gmail, this is just a stand on how Google wants to continue the fight against government invoked attacks, especially when the FBI has been using emails to accomplish their investigations. These Google security warnings are said to be rare and that less than 0.1 percent of Gmail users will be receiving these as it highlights the importance of securing its users. Just last month, Google released a warning to the users who have sent emails to a recipient that was not using TSL encryption and since adding this message, the number of emails sent over encrypted connections has increased by 25 percent.