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Twitter adds a new button to share tweets from a direct message


Twitter has added a new button that enables users to share a tweet using Direct Messages in just two taps.

This new twitter button aims to start a private conversation more quickly. According to Twitter, this new feature will help to make conversations on the site ‘richer’ and following the company’s decision to remove the limit in Direct Messages last year.

Before, Twitter users had to go to send via direct message in order to talk to another person privately, but now, users can use the button next to existing reply, retweet and like button that lies under each tweet. The site confirmed that the new button on every Twitter application is already available on both iOS and Android system.

Twitter had a hard time last year in gaining more users and at one point in December, its user numbers briefly dropped. Now, they are on a drive to gain more users after the return of Jack Dorsey to the company as CEO following the resignation of Dick Costolo.

In regards to this, Product Manager Somas Thyagaraja said that every day, millions of people send Direct Messages to communicate privately with friends, family, and anyone else or whenever a user find interesting on Twitter. That’s why now, – in just a few taps – they made it possible for users to share unique Twitter content from your timeline right into your private conversation.