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Google launches Podcasts app dedicated for listening to new contents

Google has finally launched an app dedicated to podcast content listening after several failed attempts on offering an app dedicated for such.

As reported by, the giant tech company launched Google Podcasts that integrates with Google Assistant in different devices. The app will be offering personalized podcast recommendations based from users habits.

Users who have Google Home can also listen to podcasts on their phone or tablet and transfer it to the Google Assistant-enabled speaker.

Search for new content is also made easy as well as subscriptions that are easily managed and could also herlp offer relevant content and suggestions.

Google is also set to add closed captioning generated by artificial intelligence algorithms in the coming months.

Automatic live translations will also be integrated for users in other parts of the world.

Content creators, meanwhile, could have their podcasts included by Google in the app through complying with RSS feed standards. The feed should also have podcasts in it and the page must be accessible by Google’s crawlers.

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