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GoPro reveals a new virtual reality camera rig to create the perfect 360-degree video


GoPro has come out with the new look and other details of their latest camera, the Omni. The first official spherical camera rig from the company.

The Omni’s appearance is basically a hollowed-out cube that holds 6 GoPro Hero4 Black camera on each side, capturing footage at once. This camera is stitched together that shall create and change the quality of 360-degree videos.

No price has yet been revealed, nor its availability, but it is expected to be announced later this month. Even without an official price, this new rig is assumed to be a bit tad costly since it’s the first attempt of the company to create and develop a Virtual Reality Camera Rig to cater  to filmmakers outside of the professional market.

According to GoPro, they will be bringing Omni to a major video production trade show called NAB or National Association of Broadcasters, which is being held this coming April 18th through April 21st in Las Vegas. Thus giving the conclusion that  the rig is moving towards its production.  The release of an official GoPro VR rig is  ought to make watching VR more appealing, and it has already been assumed to be a big help for a better production of 360-degrees videos.